Weekly Reads: 02/24/2017
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Weekly Reads: 02/24/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of February 20, 2017

Technology: UPS Makes First Drone Delivery – click here
A fascinating video and explanation of how UPS is pushing ahead with using drones to deliver packages.  While this is likely years away from changing delivery entirely it is interesting to see what a part of the service could look like.

Personal Debt: The Rise of Auto Loans – click here
As we discussed last week auto loan debt is rising quickly and near all time highs.  While likely not as large of a risk to the overall economy as the mortgage crisis the core issue remains the same.  For most Americans spending above their means is a way of life regardless of whether it is spent on a car or a house.  Fundamentally, one of the best things we can do as Americans is understand this and educate future generations about the risks (and positives) about taking on debt of any kind.

Interest Rates: Where Do Rates Go From Here? – click here
A good article looking at what is in store for 2017 with regards to interest rates.  The author does a nice job outlining some of the major talking points around whether or not the Fed has been slow to raise rates up to this point.

Employment: Diversity in Silicon Valley – click here
Long a concern for many people in and around Silicon Valley diversity seems to becoming harder to come by at many of the largest technology companies.  This article looks at the impact that employee referral programs have on creating a homogeneous mix of individuals and that impact on business.

Agriculture: What is Happening to the Bees? – click here
Here in California the collapse of the bee population has been something long discussed by farmers and residents alike.  This article gives an interesting explanation of not only the life of a professional bee rancher but the impact and importance bees have on our food and way of life.

Reputation: What American Companies Have the Worst Reputation? – click here
Reputation can go a long way in setting a company up for failure or success.  Many of the companies on this list have done things to either purposefully cheat and/or lie to the public.

Border Tax: An Argument for Why the Border Tax Will Not Work – click here
This article does a good job of outlining why a border tax may not be effective as many of its proponents say.  In a vacuum it may encourage domestic companies to hire more here in the US.  Unfortunately, it is impossible to anticipate the reactions that it may trigger and the impact on its success.

Warren Buffet: Seven Things to Watch for In Annual Letter – click here
The legendary investor’s annual letter to shareholders is one of the most anticipated pieces of investment news for many around the world.  A staunch Trump opponent he is unlikely to criticize him directly.  However, it will be interesting to see how directly he comments on the issues Wells Fargo has/is facing.