Weekly Reads: 04/03/2017
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Weekly Reads: 04/03/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of April 3rd, 2017

Technology: Uber and Psychological Tricks – click here
An interesting look at a secretive technology company and how it uses psychological tricks to run its business.  Specifically, how they use these tricks to influence their “freelance workers” to continue working for them.

Investing: Buffet’s Face on Cherry Coke in China? – click here
Investors are rarely household names.  Warren Buffet is a unique case.  In China he is about to be the face of Cherry Coke (his favorite drink). This article examines this unique marketing structure in a country that many of us do not understand.

Technology: GM and 30,000 Robots? The Future is Here – click here
Yet another example of how major corporations are using technology to improve their workflow and efficiency.  As we have discussed in the past the influence of robots is likely to greatly influence the future of manufacturing.

Politics: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan: A $1T Investment – click here
An interesting look at the Trump administration’s potential infrastructure plan.  In our view this is one of the major catalysts (both to the upside and downside) for the market in the next 12 – 24 months.

Sports: The Marlins and The Potential Investors – click here
The Miami Marlins, despite being in a large city,  have struggled for years.  Yet many mainstream investors are lining up to be apart of a potential ownership group.

Politics: Steven Bannon Losing Out to Globalists? – click here
An inside look at some of the behind the scenes maneuvering that has gone on within the White House.  Steve Bannon a critic of globalization seems to have lost some of his clout, at least according to the NYT, with President Trump.  If true it will be interesting to watch how this change influences both domestic and foreign policy.

Student Debt: A Fix? Making Colleges Take On More Responsibility – click here
The rise of student debt in the US is becoming more and more well-known.  While much of the conversation has focused on what individuals and the government should do to rectify the situation little attention has been given to colleges and universities own role in the mess.  This article looks at this issue.