Weekly Reads: 04/17/2017
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Weekly Reads: 04/17/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of April 10th, 2017

Commodities: Beef Cheaper for Summer? – click here
Record cattle herds is foreshadowing a decline in beef prices for the summer grilling season.  While that may be good news for BBQ lovers everywhere it is a reminder that as investors the commodity markets are difficult to predict.  We do not recommend directly investing in commodities unless you have an intimate knowledge of the market.  In general tracking products such as ETFs are a better bet for most.

North Korea: The “New” Cold War? – click here
The standoff in North Korea only seems to be building.  The NYT authored an interesting look and summary of the most recent parade offered by North Korean leadership.  In a country as insular as North Korea it is very difficult to discern what is fact and fiction.

Inflation: Ice Cream over Bacon? – click here
A quick and fun way at tracking inflation by using the two loved, if not beloved, foods.

France: Le Pen Pledges to Suspend Immigration – click here
One of the major items to watch over the next several months is the continued rise of nationalism in Europe.  The Brits’ decision to leave the EU is significant but if other countries in the bloc choose to follow their lead there could be significant market shakeup.

Technology: iPhone Overhaul for 10th Anniversary Phone – click here
The 10th anniversary phone has long been rumored to be a major overhaul of the device.  Bloomberg does a nice job outlining some of the changes to the phone and the major impacts it may have on the company’s future prospects.

Retail: Are Malls Killing Malls? – click here
Amazon and the rise of internet shopping has long been cited as the death blow to malls around the country.  Interestingly, the WSJ outlines how man of the malls that are dying simply are outdated and being replaced by newer more modern malls.

Data: A New Source of Government Data – click here
Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has secretly been building a data trove designed to highlight where the government is spending its money.  This private venture is novel and has the potential to shed a lot of light on spending in the US.

Technology: Does Google Destroy Businesses? – click here
A fascinating look at how Google’s business has evolved over the years from just an aggregation tool for articles to being more of a predictive program.  This article shows how this shift has literally closed some businesses.

Investing: A New Way to Diversify: Whiskey – click here
A fun yet eccentric look at how some individuals choose to invest their money across diverse asset classes.  While many of us do not have the ability to buy fine wine or other expensive products the concept of diversifying away from just one or two investments is a sound idea.