Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 05/08/2017
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Weekly Reads: 05/08/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of May 8th, 2017

Europe: Takeaways From Macron’s Election in France – click here
France’s President elect Macron was a welcome outcome for investors.  His pro-EU policies removed (at least temporarily) the risk that populism breaking apart the EU.  This article reviews some of the key takeaways from his election and looks forward to how he may influence the future.

Taxes: Luxury Tax for CEOs? – click here
As avid sports fans analogies between taxes and sports are sure to gain our attention.  In this article a former CEO outlines how if a luxury tax works for sports leagues like MLB and the NBA then why couldn’t it work for corporate America?  It is an interesting question and one that he talks through in this opinion piece.

Student Debt: The Wrong Way to Fix Student Debt – click here
The NYT piece looks at the Trump administration’s plans for changing the student loan playing field.  In this article the author outlines how removing protections for borrowers is sending us in the wrong direction.  They author favors using income based repayment plans (which the Trump administration has reduced) as opposed to other payment terms.

Technology: Bubble Ready to Burst Due to Unicorn Startups? – click here
Unicorn startups (those that go public at less than their private valuations) have become more commonplace.  This is partly a result of access to cheap capital and the desire to avoid the rigors of public company accounting.  However, the Seattle Times outlined how this dynamic may come to do more damage than good.

Politics: Trump Administration Knew About Mike Flynn’s Compromised Status for 18 Days? – click here
An insightful piece on the turmoil that the Michael Flynn decision has caused the Trump administration.  It seems inconceivable, yet apparently true, that the Trump administration would know about an issue as serious as international blackmail and not take steps to remedy it faster.

Monopoly: Google Today Analogous to Bell System in 1956?- click here
An interesting piece looking at how dominant Google has become in their industry over the last 10-15 years.  The author than makes the comparison to Bell Systems from 1956 and the dominance they held during that time.

Parenting: How to Raise an American Adult – click here
Senator Ben Sasse penned this article for the WSJ highlighting how young “adults” in America are rewarding themselves for doing “adult” things like paying taxes.  This idea that our adults are not true adults is something that as a society we should work to change.  He offers his advice to parents but the subject matter at hand is interesting to everyone.

Data: The World’s Most Valuable Resource? Data – click here
The Economist looks at how data has surpassed oil as  the most valuable commodity in the world today.  For those of us who use technology on a day to day basis this should come as no surprise.  Yet it is interesting to look at their analysis and see just how important it has become.

Gas: Why Do Gas Prices Constantly Change? – click here
I’ve always wondered how gas stations set their prices.  Do they just look at their neighbors?  The WSJ examined and explained how data is once again changing the way business is done today.