Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 05/29/2017
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Weekly Reads: 05/29/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of May 29nd, 2017

Economy: US Companies No Longer Know Rules of the Game – click here
Just as it is the case for the stock market business leaders become cautious when there is uncertainty around the rules (laws) of their particular niche.  This uncertainty limits investment, hiring and all sorts of other key factors in making the economy grow.  With the political quagmire right now it is difficult for businesses to plan and that makes for slower growth.

US: Rural American the New Inner City? – click here
A fascinating piece by the WSJ looking at how rural America has transformed over the past 100+ years.  In their opinion during this time these sparsely populated communities have replaced the inner-cities as the most socioeconomically challenged areas of our country.

Interest Rates: Slowing Inflation.  Lower Rates? – click here
As we have mentioned repeatedly one of the key factors the Federal Reserve looks at when deciding where to set interest rates is the rate of price increases annually (more commonly referred to as inflation).  With slowing inflation there is now some chatter that rate hikes may come slower than first believed.

Banks: Is the Market Right Not to Trust Banks? – click here
Since the financial crisis banks have been squarely in the cross hairs of regulators and those of us who walk down main street alike.  The reality is that many investors were left scarred by the financial crisis and do not necessarily believe that the reforms that have been made make understanding these complex organizations any easier.

Trump: Perpetual Crisis Mode for Administration after Kushner Drama – click here
The recent reports about Presidential Adviser and son-in-law to President Trump working to create backdoor communication channels with the Russian Government has sent the administration back into scramble mode.  For a group of politicians with such lofty promises each and every distraction reduces the chance that those goals are met.

Wall Street: Market Rallies Despite Washington Burning – click here
With all the craziness going on in D.C. many have asked why the market has continued to rally.  The reality is that unless the political firestorms directly impact economic growth investors are likely to look past the headlines.

Politics: Biden Creating Political Action Committee? – click here
In a sign that former Vice President Biden may be considering a run for office in 2020 the NYT cites reports that he is forming a Political Action Committee (PAC).