Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 06/12/2017
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Weekly Reads: 06/12/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of June 12th, 2017

Politics: Nominee for Comptroller of the Currency Misrepresented College Degree? – click here
Once again the Trump administration cannot seem to make significant decisions without bringing up new controversies.  Joseph Otting, whom Trump nominated to be the Comptroller of the Currency, has stated he is a graduate of Dartmouth College, when in fact he is not.  Repeated events like this bring extra scrutiny on the administration ultimately making it more difficult to accomplish their legislative agenda.

Technology: Uber Continues to Deal with Management Issues – click here
Uber CEO and a top lieutenant are considering taking a leave of absence from the company that has changed the taxi business around the world.  Despite the companies significant success the leadership culture of pushing ethical and legal boundaries may be catching up to them.

Medicine: Can a Shot Cure PTSD? – click here
A major issue for many soldiers returning from war (and other individuals that have experienced traumatic events) is dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  The US Army is researching whether or not a anesthetic injection in the neck can help/alleviate symptoms of PTSD.

Tech: Apple to Begin Providing Podcast Listener Data to Creators- click here
We were surprised to learn that Apple provides no listener data to the creators of the podcasts on its ecosystem.  This change will provide these producers with general information on viewers habits, a potentially huge deal for those producing content.

Markets: Theories on the Mysterious Fall of Mega Cap Tech Last Week – click here
Observers have been a bit baffled by why Tech has sold off over the past week.  Bloomberg put together this article hoping to outline some of the major theories behind why Tech fell.

Military: Are US Troops Falling Behind Our Allies in Training – click here
For decades the US military has been viewed as the best fighting force in the world.  However, Capt J. Scott Metz believes that some of our allies are now doing a better job preparing infantry and other military units for battle.

Oil: Price Slide to Seven-Month Low as Inventories Rise – click here
As is normally the case, when oil inventories rise, oil prices tend to fall.  Oil prices have remained range bound for sometime and have shown little inclination to move beyond that range.  Despite all the noise from the OPEC cuts upward momentum on oil prices seems constrained due to the US onshore production capability.

Insurance: Terrorism’s Impact on the Insurance Industry – click here
The rise of terrorist activity in the Western world is in front of us seemingly every day.  Clearly the loss of life and the horror these events cause are cause for news enough.  However, one of the little discussed impacts of these events is the detrimental impact these activities have on business.  Not surprisingly insurance companies are beginning to offer complex policies designed to make sure that those sensitive to tourism and other traffic heavy industries are protected financially.

Entrepreneurship: Are American Entrepreneurs Pursing the Wrong Types of Businesses – click here
The Harvard Business Review penned a very interesting article questioning whether Americans are starting the right kind of businesses.  Typically startups are associated with businesses who create a new product or service that changes the world.  These are productive.  But what if some Americans start businesses solely to capitalize on a monopoly for the purpose of profit.  Is this productive for society?