Weekly Reads: 09/04/2017
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Weekly Reads: 09/04/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of September 4th, 2017

Immigration: Trump Administration Ends DACA Program – click here
President Trump’s decision to end support for the DACA program, a federal program providing protection to undocumented immigrants who entered the US as children, comes as little surprise given his past comments on the subject.  Even so the impact of the decision will be felt for many years to come.

Medicine: Zika Virus Useful in Attacking Brain Cancer? – click here
Medical history is long with examples of how viruses and/or appropriated treatments change the lives of future generations.  In what may become the most recent example of this researchers are examining whether or not the Zika Virus is capable of attacking cancer cells in the brain.

Investing: Stocks Fall and Treasury Prices Rise On Fear of North Korea – click here
In what has become somewhat commonplace over the past month or so the markets reacted negatively to news out of North Korea on the day following the labor day holiday.  Will past history hold and the market rebound in short order or will these new events spur a prolonged period of weakness?

Agriculture: An Inside Look at Indoor Farms – click here
Food scarcity (and home to combat it) has long been a big business.  The issues that a lack of food present gave rise to genetically modified seeds and large businesses like Monsanto.  Until recently farming indoor in a large scale was not feasible.  With improvements in technology and science the farms of tomorrow may look much different than they do today.

Interest Rates: Can She Do It Again? – click here
In 2014 Fed Governor Lael Brainard successfully lobbied to her colleagues to keep interest rates low in order to let inflation build.  She felt that despite a slight uptick in inflation that the underlying trend remained below average.  She won out.  Now with the Fed preparing to meet to discuss a third rate hike this year she is sounding the warning signal that perhaps a return to 2% inflation isn’t as close as some may believe.

Silicon Valley: When Working 9-5 Is No Longer Enough – click here
The New York Times examines the culture in Silicon Valley to constantly “hustle.”  The author looks at the pressures, both real and perceived, that have created this environment.

Investing: Why Investors Shrug Off Politics – click here
WSJ economist Greg Ip examines the reasons why US investors have been quick to shrug off political headlines in order to “buy the dips” this year.  Despite elevated valuations and major political questions about the major indices keep rising.

Technology: Production Glitches with iPhone Make Consumers Nervous – click here
Over the years Apple has frequently been the subject of rumors about potential hiccups in their production line.  With the much anticipated iPhone 8 (the ten year anniversary phone) soon to come out many holiday consumers are fearful that these production glitches could make it difficult to get what is sure to be a very popular holiday gift.

Irma: One Brave Delta Flight Flew Into the Storm and Back Out – click here
A pretty amazing flight was completed on Thursday.  A Delta flight flew to Puerto Rico into the face of Hurricane Irma, landed/loaded passengers and was back on its way to JFK in 52 minutes.  On the outbound flight the pilot needled his way thorough the gap between the arm and core of the hurricane to get home safely.  Imagine the turbulence!