Weekly Reads: 09/11/2017
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Weekly Reads: 09/11/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of September 11th, 2017

Innovation: Want to Protect a Drug Patent?  Sell It To A Indian Tribe – click here
Drug companies have long sought ways to protect their intellectual property.  Recently Allergan PLC put into place a novel strategy to protect one of their key patents by selling it to a native american tribe.

iPhone: Can The New iPhone Deliver? – click here
On the even of the unveiling of the new iPhone many investors are wondering whether the new phone can push Apple’s stock to higher levels.  With a stock price just above $161 a share a boost to $191 would give the company a value of over $1 trillion.  Time will tell but right now analysts are hesitant that any company, let alone Apple, can reach that milestone.

Tech: Apple Unveil’s New Products – click here
The much anticipated Apple meeting this week unveiled a host of new products most notably the new iPhone.  As our prior article outlines even with such amazing products how likely is it that these push the stock forward?

Uber: Is the Era of Private Markets Near? – click here
Private markets have long held a “sexy” position for investors.  However, much of the excitement was built around getting into these hard to invest in companies prior to going public.  Now many of these companies are delaying going public and/or just being bought by larger companies.  With capital readily available does this mark the beginning of a new era?

Robots: Banks to Have 30% Less Employees? – click here
Headlines such as the one in this article grab attention especially when robots/AI are involved.  The question remains that no one truly knows how robots will impact business.  But one thing that seems for sure is that companies are willing to invest and learn about where the technology may go.

Deregulation: Equifax Breach Impact on Financial Deregulation – click here
One of the Trump administration platforms was deregulation of the financial industry.  With the most recent breach at Equifax many are wondering if this now will come true.  Our view has long been that deregulation will occur not with removing of laws but with a lack of new regulations.