Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 10/02/2017
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Weekly Reads: 10/02/2017

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of October 2nd, 2017

Investing: Taking Investment Advice from a Lottery Winner – click here
The author of this good blog outlines a key feature that many beginning investors fall victim too, trying to emulate “wealthy” investors.  The reality is there are many ways to becoming more wealthy – what worked for one may work for others.  Or perhaps they just got lucky while taking significant risk!

Inflation: Technology Left it in 20th Century? – click here
Wired takes a stab at explaining why inflation has remained so subdued over the past several years.  One of the common themes that pops up in many articles on the subject is that technology and the global economy have fundamentally altered the “traditional” way inflation works.

Tax Reform: Buffet Against Repealing Estate Tax – click here
One of the richest men in the world was recently on CNBC talking about the proposed repeal of the estate tax.  He has long made his stance that getting rid of the tax would be a bad idea.  While he has been outspoken on this issue the estate tax is not disproportionately impacting him.  Who it does impact is small business owners and farmers.  Estate tax repeal would not be to benefit Buffet but to benefit these smaller family run and/or mid sized businesses that are often shut down due to a tax burden.

Fixed Income: Depressed Volatility Showing Signs of Life – click here
An ongoing theme of the current market environment is the depressed volatility in most all of the major asset classes.  One of the most sanguine has been the fixed income market.  With rising rates and potential changes in monetary policy it appears maybe some turbulence is returning to the market.

Data Threats: Yahoo Estimates 3 Billion Accounts Impacted By 2013 Data Breach – click here
In what seems to be a weekly event estimates of the number of accounts compromised by the data breach at Yahoo tripled to over 3 billion.  At this point it seems the best bet is to plan/expect that personal data is already exposed and to take the proper measures to watch for fraudulent activity in your name.

President: 7 Billionaires/Celebs That May Run For President – click here
CNBC takes a look at which celebrities and billionaires may be interested in running for President during the next election.  While these type of articles are fun to follow the reality is few, if any, will actually make a concerted run for office.  Heck, even during the last election who would of thought Donald Trump run, let alone win?