Weekly Reads: 01/29/2018
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Weekly Reads: 01/29/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of January 29nd, 2018

Investing: Wall Street to Vanguard, “We Aren’t Your Doormat” – click here
Vanguard’s growth in the investment management world has been nothing short of spectacular.  The availability of their low-cost products have made investing more accessible for many around the world.  Now, after such a long period of growth it appears that some of their competitors are tired of assisting them with their growth.

Technology: Podcasts the Goldmine that Many Thought They Would Be – click here
Apple has been pushing for more transparency from many of their partners in the Apple store for years.  Recently, they decided to reciprocate and open up additional data on which (and how) people are listening to podcasts.  There was some fear from many that this would show a lack of listener-ship and destroy the advertising model.  Thankfully for them this didn’t turn out to be the case.

Employment: Finding the Perfect Worker Is Constraining the Job Market – click here
There is a paradox in America right now.  There are thousands of good jobs available but many have remained open for years.  Bloomberg looks at this issue and believes that employers obsession with finding the “perfect match” is making it difficult to fill all of the open positions.  Perhaps this attitude needs to change.

Health Care: Opinions About the New Partnership Between Amazon, Berkshire and JP Morgan – click here
Amazon’s entry into the health care space has been long expected (and speculated about).  The recent news that three of America’s largest and most respected organizations are partnering together to change the face of health care is an interesting twist in the story.  It will be interesting to see where the journey takes them.

CryptoCurrency: Facebook is Banning All CryptoCurrency Ads – click here
One of Mark Zuckerberg’s goals for the year is to review the role Facebook plays in curating and presenting real news to its users.  In an extension of this there are news reports that the social media giant is going to ban advertisements for cryptocurrencies.

Home Ownership: Home-ownership Rates Rose For First Time Since 2004 in 2017 – click here
The plight of millennials buying homes has been well documented since the financial crisis.  Interestingly, it seems that after years of an improving economy (and job market) many millennials are stepping forward to buy homes.  This is likely a result of multiple factors.  Specifically, low interest rates, rapidly rising rental rates and higher incomes.

Investing: The Little Known Private Company That Rules Wall Street – click here
There is no shortage of behind the scenes players on Wall Street.  Yet Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) is one of the most influential companies that few people have heard of.  Their decisions on board votes and proxy elections have profound impacts across the entire investing universe.

Health Care: The Rise of Amazon In Health Care Is Here – click here
One of the more interesting news stories this week was the announcement of Amazon’s unclear (yet certain) entry into the health care space.  As many articles have mentioned the rumor of this action has been floating around for awhile yet nobody seems to have a clear idea of how they will approach their new business.  One thing that is likely true – it will be a benefit for consumers.

Venezuela: Where Pirates Rule – click here
The destruction of the country of Venezuela by its politicians has been well documented by news organizations around the world.  This article by Bloomberg looks at the growing battle between smugglers and pirates on the narrow stretch of water between Trinidad and Venezuela.