Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 07/16/2018
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Weekly Reads: 07/16/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of July 16th, 2018

Economics: What Game Theory Says About Trump’s Strategy – click here
Mohamed A El-Erian is one of the world’s most public economists.  His work at Pimco was rewarding and produced great returns for the firm’s investors.  As a result when he writes many sit up and take note.  In this article for Bloomberg he examines game theory to understand how the stare down between the US and China could actually play out to help the US both absolutely and relatively.

Investing: The Problem With Innovation? The Biggest Companies are Hogging All the Gains – click here
Technology has had a profound impact on business and society over the past several decades.  In this article from the WSJ the author examines the difficulty smaller businesses are having in capturing the productivity gains from today’s technological improvements.

CFA: CFA Exam Including Items on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency – click here
As a CFA charterholder, it is always fascinating to see what subject matter they add to the exams.  While the rise of cryptocurrencies have been well documented their influence in the investing world has been limited.  That said it is a prudent idea for the institute to expose the candidates to any changes in technology that may influence the future.

Investing: Yield Curve Headed Toward Inversion, Fund Managers Say – click here
The yield curve is a hot-button issue today with wide-ranging opinions on how predictive it is going forward.  In a recent Merrill Lynch survey many of their fund managers believe that we are headed toward an inversion.

Taxes: The Most Unlikely Tax Break Ever – click here
The recent tax law change has helped businesses increase profitability and more Americans take more dollars home.  Forbes examines a little-known change to the tax code that has the support of both conservatives and liberals alike.  The Investing in Opportunity Act allows individuals to donate to underprivileged areas and receive a tax break for any dollar amount.  The idea is to free up significant capital to help underperforming areas of America received investment and move them forward.

Investing: How to Prepare For a Tax Market Suprise – click here
All investors (and non-investors alike) know that a market correction will come some day.  The part that we do not know is when that will occur.  The NY Times provides a series of articles that give some ideas on how to prepare a portfolio for the day when the market does decline.