Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 08/13/2018
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Weekly Reads: 08/13/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of August 13th, 2018

Economy: The Trouble With Trucking – click here
The economy by all measures is performing well.  Earnings for corporations are up, there are more jobs available than workers and families net-worths have risen significantly.  Yet for parts of the population such as long-distance truck drivers wages have remained flat and they have not fully been able to benefit from the economic recovery.

Technology: Google Tracks You Whether You Want It To Or Not – click here
In a world of technology that predicts our thoughts and movements, it is no surprise that the companies providing these services want to know where you are.  This CNBC article outlines how many of these most precious apps are tracking your location and movement even if you tell them not to transmit and/or record your location.  I guess some things are just too good to be true.

Technology: Facebook Exec Says Media COmpanies Will End Up In Hospice if They Don’t Work With Them – click here
As the major tech companies grow they are increasingly looking for alternative ways to augment their income.  One such way is through the invasion of “traditional” media.  While perhaps crass, the comments made by this Facebook executive are likely true for a big picture standpoint.

Politics: Turkey’s President Calls for Boycott of US Goods – click here
The spat between Turkey and the United States is expanding.  While very unlikely investors are worried that a dispute between the two countries could ignite further divides between the United States and the emerging markets its companies so desperately crave.  Yet alone boycotts of US products are likely to have a very small impact on global trade/GDP.

Commodities: Old Cobalt Mines are Reopening – click here
The rise of connected and remote devices has spurred a rush of demand for raw commodities.  Primarily these commodities are needed to construct the batteries and other internal “organs” of our beloved devices.  What is interesting is that the demand has gotten so extreme that once non-profitable mines are being reopened to meet orders.

Politics: Trump Calls Ex-Aide a Dog – click here
President Trump’s infatuation with twitter and demeaning comments seem to have no bounds.  What is most surprising (now that we are somewhat numb to it) is that his propensity has not gotten him into even more trouble.  One thing that is definitely true is that it has clouded some of the items that he has accomplished during his tenure.

Economics: What Happens to #MeToo When the Accused Is a Woman – click here
The #MeToo movement has brought much-needed attention to sexual harassment in this country.  Up until now, it has been focused on women accusing men of harassment.  This article examines what happens when the roles are reversed.

Personal Finance: When Retirees Should Not Pay Off Their Mortgage – click here
One of the items that must soon to be retirees want to accomplish is paying off their mortgage.  While we firmly believe that entering retirement with no debt (and ideally no debt well before retirement) is a good idea this article outlines some of the scenarios when it doesn’t make sense.

Economy: Dollar General Will Go Wherever Walmart Won’t Go – click here
This interesting aricle examines how Dollar General has built a business by being willing to enter into markets that Walmart won’t touch.  This flexibility and willingness to adapt has allowed them to grow into a widespread business.