Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 08/27/2018
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Weekly Reads: 08/27/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of August 20th, 2018

Interest Rates: Will Jay Powell Blink At Reducing Fed Portfolio – click here
One of the most prevalent themes in the marketplace today is Fed and interest rates.  While receiving less attention, but equally important, is how the Fed will handle reducing a large number of bonds that it is holding on its balance sheet.   This in many ways may have a more profound impact on the pricing of bonds over the next several years.

Health Care: Consumers Key to Bringing Down Health Care Costs – click here
Everyone would like health care to be a smaller portion of their budget.  As a result when an industry leader speaks people often listen.  In this case the CEO of Eli Lilly spoke about the costs of healthcare and how consumers can have a profound impact on the cost of services rendered going forward.

Off the Grid: What It Is Like to Live Off-The Grid – click here
New Mexico has long been a place for individuals wanting to get off the grid and escape to go.  This sensational story by CNN documents what was going on with one family in a compound built off the grid near Taos New Mexico.

Politics: Trump Accuses Google of Suppressing Information – click here
It seems that almost daily President Trump attacks one of his many targets seeking to change the way they do business.  In his most recent one, he has gone after Google for suppressing conservative-leaning viewpoints.  In his mind, this is an act that is causing people to misunderstand him and his goals.   While some of his criticisms may be fair at some point he should relearn the story of the “Boy who Cried Wolf.”

Interest Rates: Mnuchin Says Not to Fear Shape of Yield Curve – click here
A great deal of attention has been placed on the shape of the yield curve by mainstream media.  As a result, there is a great fixation on how policies are influencing its direction.  Recently Treasury Secretary Mnuchin outlined why he isn’t nervous about the shape of the curve.

Tesla: Keeping Tesla Public Won’t Save Elon Musk From the SEC or Angry Investors – click here
Nobody can question Elon Musk’s visionary spirit or the impact he has had on the world.  However, this article outlines how despite his great vision simply acquiescing and keeping Tesla public may not relieve the pressure he is facing from investors regarding the direction of his company.