Weekly Reads: 09/03/2018
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Weekly Reads: 09/03/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of September 3rd, 2018

Politics: An Insiders Resistance to President Trump – click here
In what is a relatively extraordinary event an official in the Trump administration wrote the attached op-ed piece in the NY Times stating how he/she is part of the resistance to President Trump.  Having gotten to know his personality it is very likely that he will be furious and look to retaliate.  None the less the step taken by this individual is likely to give comfort to many opponents who feel like the administration is out of control.

Technology: Samsung Teasing Foldable Phones For Later in the Year – click here
Foldable cell phones have long been an “option” for the future but have never made it to the market.  Samsung recently released some news that indicates that they are likely to release such a phone later this year.  Whether consumers gravitate toward the new technology remains to be seen.

Technology: Mercedes Unveils First Threat to Tesla – click here
The Mercedes EQC, Mercedes first journey into electric cars, is set to reach the market during the first half of 2019.  Tesla bears have long questioned why some of the other luxury auto companies (those with more scale and production capability) haven’t pushed into the market.  With Tesla coming under increased scrutiny it will be interesting to see how they hold up to this new pressure.

Business: Nike’s Support of Colin Kaepernick Threatening Their Shoes – click here
Regardless of where you fall on the Colin Kaepernick debate one thing is for sure is that he is divisive.  For that reason, many companies have shied away from taking a stance on his protest. Now with the recent Nike commercial, many past supporters of Nike are fighting back.

Children: Parent’s Jobs Increasingly Impact How Far Kids Get in Life- click here
In a somewhat sobering article, the WSJ examines the impact parents professions have on children.  What they found is that it is increasingly difficult for children to find jobs that exceed those that their parents had.  The reason for this change has profound influences on the future.

Economy: How Do You Know The Economy is Doing Well? Customer Service is Terrible – click here
Every article that you read these days states how the economy is performing well.  While that may be true many of those articles can be hard to access due to the economic/finance jargon.  This article outlines how poor customer service is a sign that the economy is going well.

Investing: Wall Street’s 30 Days of Hell – click here
Earnings season is a busy time for investors.  With thousands of companies reporting their earnings for the past 3 months, it can be a hectic time.  Bloomberg examines what earnings season is like for professional investors/analysts.