Weekly Reads: 11/12/2018
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Weekly Reads: 11/12/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of November 12th, 2018

Politics: Censored Saudi Prince Returns to The Public Spotlight – click here
As a society, it may be difficult for us to completely understand the royal families around the world our society retains a fascination with these families.  In an example of this a former Saudi prince who was censored for potential corruption abuses is now back in the spotlight and pushing Saudi business interest forward around the world.

Social Media: The Era of The Hour Long YouTube Video Is Here – click here
There is no question we are living in an era of social media.  However, it truly is something when thousands of Americans are finding the time and energy to post hour plus videos to YouTube.  These videos provide a connection to the outside world and a source of entertainment for people around the globe.

Politics: Ex-Clinton Aide Says Hilary Will Run Again in 2020 – click here
President Trumps win two years ago was a reflection of a portion of Americans being frustrated with the “status quo.”  Now two years in it appears that Hilary Clinton will be turning the tables on Trump and running against him again as a change agent.

Budget: US Budget Deficit Jumps to $1ooB At Start of Fiscal Year – click here
One of the main debate issues around the recent tax cuts was how they would impact the federal budget.  If this report is true it appears that the decrease in tax receipts has had a profound impact on the deficit.

Business: Starbucks Cuts 5% of Corporate Workforce – click here
Starbucks growth over the past several decades has been spectacular and has littered America with their green awnings.  Now with a focus on expanding globally Starbucks is revisiting staffing and what roles best help them pivot from an American company to a global one.

Business: Fund Incentives for Amazon or Student Debt Relief – click here
It comes as little surprise that communities around the country were doing all they could to land one of Amazon’s two new headquarters.  Now that New York and Virginia have won there is increased scrutiny about how much these communities will actually benefit.  In this article, the author examines how student debt relief in New York may be put on the back burner in exchange for incentives given to Amazon.

Investing: Bear Market Within Two Years Says Steven Cohen – click here
Steven Cohen has been a large figure in the hedge fund world for years.  Despite his retreat from public life due to his, SEC ban his success as an investor is well documented.  In this piece, the author outlines why Mr. Cohen believes a bear market will hit investors within two years.