Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 11/19/2018
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Weekly Reads: 11/19/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of November 19th, 2018

Social Media: Facebook Can Cause Depression? – click here
Facebook has been under scrutiny lately for many of the wrong reasons.  This recent study is the first of many studies that says that Facebook if used in excess/inappropriately can cause clinical depression.

Economics: Your Guide To Winning The Thanksgiving Economic Debate – click here
Thanksgiving is a time for thanks as well as a good spirited debate around the dining room table.  This article outlines what you will need to know to “win” your family debate this year.

Business: American Factories Are Burning Through Inventories – click here
The impact of the ongoing trade wars won’t be known for a long-time.  However, in the short-run industrial businesses are feeling the pinch as tariffs have made finding the raw materials necessary to produce goods in short supply.

Media: Amazon’s Interest in Regional Sports Networks Should Scare Traditional Media – click here
As part of Disney’s acquisition of Fox they were required to divest Fox’s regional sports networks.  Amazon this week announced they were interested in acquiring these networks in yet another attempt by them to overthrow the traditional media landscape.

Investing: Stock Market Selloff Continues, Erasing Gains for 2018 – click here
Coming into Thanksgiving the market has faced pressure to move downward.  Fears about trade and the stability of the growing economy has made investors nervous.  So much so that the major indices are now below their values at the beginning of the year.  The question remains, a buying opportunity or time to get defensive?