Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 11/26/2018
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Weekly Reads: 11/26/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of November 26th, 2018

Inflation: Silent Inflation – click here
Robert Shiller won a Ph.D. for his work on inflation-adjusted Price to Earnings ratios and has become one of the world’s leading economists.  This article by him outlines the impact that “silent” inflation has on society and how we view wealth.  He does a good job of making a complex topic accessible.

Health Care: Imagine What We Could Cure – click here
Health care data is heavily protected due to the sensitive nature of it.  However, the WSJ wonders what good exposing some of this data to innovative companies could do.  Would companies like Google, Facebook or several others be able to revolutionize how this data is used?

Technology: Seized Documents Reveal that Facebook New About Russian Interference As Early as 2014 – click here
The technology giant has been under constant scrutiny over their inability to limit Russian interference on the platform.  While they have steadfastly denied knowing about interference until recently these new documents suggest that this may not be entirely true.

Interest Rates: Fed Governor Says “Neutral Rate” Is Close – click here
One of the market’s major fears this year has been whether or not the Federal Reserve will raise rates too quickly in getting back to a “neutral rate.”  The recent speech by Fed Governor Clarida shows that in their mind this undefined rate is closer than some may think.  Will this alleviate fears regarding overreaching in the quest to raise rates?

Business: Asia Is Dominating Industrial Robot Adoption – click here
Asia has long made it clear that they want to be the world’s leader in robotic automation.  If this report by Bloomberg is to be believed they are well on their way to making that goal a reality.

Media: How Apple and Netflix Are Upending Hollywood – click here
It does not take a genius to figure out that Netflix, Amazon, and Apple are changing the way that many people consume there entertainment.  This article examines how these changes are impacting decades-old Hollywood business traditions.

Media: The World’s Highest Paid TV-Hosts – click here
There is no question that the TV and media that Americans consume is a reflection of society and our interests.  As a result, you would expect that the most popular shows would have the highest paid hosts.  While somewhat true this article shows that sometimes less common shows actually produce great incomes for their caretakers.

Entertainment: How Restaurants Got So Loud – click here
Like anything the decor and atmosphere that is considered “on trend” for restaurants changes over time.  One of the consequences of the recent changes in trend is the noise level at many restaurants.  Minimalist designs instead of plush decor have created an environment where noise is more prevalent in almost any setting.

Consumption: Fed Says Millenials Are Just Like Their Parents. Only Poorer  – click here
Much has been made about the “millennials” work habits and outlook on life.  However, little has been discussed how their spending differs or is similar to their parents.  This article looks at how spending habits of this younger generation is closer to their parents than many realize.