Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 12/17/2018
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Weekly Reads: 12/17/2018

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of December 17th, 2018

Employment: Stress and Burnout Pushing Companies To Four Day Work Weeks – click here
As work/life balance has become more of an issue for many workers it comes as little surprise that people are rethinking the work week.  This article by Reuters looks at the reasons why more and more companies are going to four day work weeks and embracing these quality of life changes.

Politics: The Next Koch Does Not Love Politics – click here
One of the more influential political (and business) families in the country is the Koch family.  The two elder Koch brothers have built a business empire and used the proceeds to actively participate in supporting conservative political views.  Their stances on many issues have made what would otherwise be an admired American company a four letter word.  Chase Koch the next generation of leadership within the family is looking to change that.

Crypto: Large Bitcoin Trader Called Top and Just Covered His Short – click here
Just a little over a year ago bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were all the rage.  Prices of the currency rose exponentially and many investors were caught feeling left out.  While we never have been a fan the price change in them is a good example of how difficult it is to “time” the market.  Not only do you have to decide when to get in but when to get out and then BACK in.  A very difficult proposition indeed.

Markets: Blue Apron Trading Under $1, Is there More Room Down? – click here
The home delivery of ready to cook meals has become very popular for many Americans looking for an alternative to eating out.   However, the case of Blue Apron is a good example of the risk investing in IPOs and companies that may have diehard fans but aren’t great businesses on paper.

Technology: Turning Off Facebook Doesn’t Stop It Tracking You – click here
It should come as a little surprise that Facebook is on the defensive about many of its privacy policies over the past year or so.  However, this article by Gizmodo looks at another way that they may be angering some of their users.  While we understand the privacy issues at hand we would all be wise to remember that as a “trade” for these free products (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) we agree to share our information.

Politics: Trump Agrees To Shut Down Charity Amid Abuse Allegations – click here
President Trump has been under fire for a seemingly endless list of abuses and or corruption of power issues during his tenure as President.  In yet another example of this, he has agreed to shut down his charity as it was under fire for being abused for political and personal gain.  While none of these “allegations” have been proven definitively perhaps the old phrase “where there is smoke, there is fire” is the natural way to look at his situation.

Technology: Facebook Put Up A Privacy Wall, And Let Tech Giants Through – click here
Facebook seemingly is in a PR death spiral.  Each day and week it seems like new information comes out about their unusual (or lack of) privacy policies.  The most recent one that has come out is that they let large tech companies access very specific and intimate data despite claiming that privacy walls had been placed to stop that kind of data sharing.

Technology: What It Is Like To Travel In A Boring Company Transportation Tube – click here
It is difficult to tell where some of Elon Musks jokes begin and end.  In one of the jokes that wound up turning into a reality was Boring Co. attempt to transform Los Angeles traffic by tunneling beneath the city.  Today that dream became a reality as Mr. Musk unveiled what it was like to travel in one of these tubes to a select group of reporters.