Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 02/18/2019
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Weekly Reads: 02/18/2019

The Week’s Best Articles: Week of February 18th, 2019

Investing: Investors Warn of Complacency On Interest Rates – click here
Interest rate policy, or more precisely changes to policy, has been one of the major concerns for investors over the past 12-18 months. This article by the WSJ examines that many investors may be overly complacent about these changes.

Investing: Bond and Stock Investors Focus On Different Sides of Trade – click here
A great deal can be learned from where professional investors choose to allocate their money. In an interesting twist stock investor seem to be favoring the defensive nature of the most blue-chip companies while debt investors are attracted to those with poor balance sheets. Why the divergence?

Technology: Secret Speaker In Nest Thermostat Was Supposed to Be Secret- click here
In yet another example of a large tech company not being 100% honest with its customers Google’s Nest Thermostat was recording information about its users. From a public relations perspective, it is hard to believe that these companies continue to make similar mistakes.

Investing: Momentum Investing May Be Returning to Favor – click here
Momentum investing has been in the doghouse for a period of time. Now with the market riding a wave of strength some of the good times appear to be coming back for investors in this strategy.

Investing: When Investors Push For Change – click here
Bloomberg looks at the interesting case about how a large group of 100+ investors managing $32 trillion are using their size to force companies to be more aware of the climate. There have been many cases of shareholder activism but the focus on the environment is just in its infancy.

Investing: A Recession Warning Sign Is Close to Being Triggered – click here
The unemployment rate has long been one of the best warning signs of an impending recession. Today that figure is approaching its “trigger” point. Will this measure continue to be as predictive as it has been over the last 70 years?

Technology: The Impenetrable Blockchain Has Been Hacked – click here
Blockchain has been widely viewed as a game-changing technology for many industries (finance and real estate to name a few). The efficiency and secure nature of the technolgoy were the main features that excited people. However, as it gained more popularity criminals have been looking for ways to hack it.