Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 04/22/2019
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Weekly Reads: 04/22/2019

Business: The Business of Girl Scout Cookies – click here
I’m not sure there is an American who doesn’t love the time of year when Girl Scout cookies are available. This WSJ article looks at the business of these American treasures.

Technology: Fintech’s Next Project: Reforming Healthcare – click here
Fintech has become a hot area for innovation over the last several years. Now that younger and older consumers alike are becoming more accepting inventors are looking for other places where it can have an impact. Is healthcare one of them?

Economy: U.S. Billionaires Worried About System That Made Them Rich – click here
Capitalism has made more people around the world wealthy than just about any other economic system in history. Now some billionaires are worried that this very system may be in jeopardy.

Politics: Elizabeth Warren’s Plan – Forgive Debt and Free Tuition – click here
Presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is known for some takes that push boundaries. Her plan for reforming higher education is one of those items.

Business: Consumers Waiting to Replace Smart Phones – click here
Despite a strong economy and low unemployment a record number of Americans are electing to wait on replacing their cell phones. Some do this because of cost while others are doing it for a lack of need.

Technology: Questions for Uber Before IPO – click here
Uber’s IPO is set to be one of the largest in recent memory (if not all time). Here are a list of questions that investors, and Uber, should consider going forward.