Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 05/06/2019
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Weekly Reads: 05/06/2019

Investing: Goldman Lost Uber IPO But Has a 12,000% Consolation – click here
Uber selected Morgan Stanley as the lead underwriter for its IPO. And while Goldman lost out on the fees associated with that role they will reap a 12,000% return on a $600M investment their bankers made in Uber shortly after launch.

Economy: Worst Case Scenario for a Chinese Trade Pullout – click here
It is no secret that one of the major drivers of the market over the last two quarters is the positive/negative news around U.S./China trade talks. CNBC attempts to look at what a collapse in talks may mean.

Interest Rates: Fed Governor Clarida Thinks Rates Are in a Good Place – click here
With rates remaining steady after the most recent Fed meeting many believe that the Board may elect to cut rates in the future. Governor Clarida believes that rates (and the Fed) are in a good place right now given the economic data.

Investing: Volatility Markets Flash Warning Signs – click here
One area that investors turn toward when identifying future market weakness is the volatility markets and specifically the VIX. These signs of volatility are turning up and making some investors nervous.

Business: Amazon’s Impact on Long Island City – click here
Long Island City’s pursuit of Amazon was something every paper in the country was captivated by. Now with Amazon electing to pull out many are wondering what impact these decisions will have on the city going forward.

Technology: The Economics of Mobile Payments – click here
Technology has transformed all of our lives in one way or another. While many consumer-facing businesses have been transformed one area that is still evolving is that of payments/finance. This article by VOX EU looks at how mobile payments may transform parts of the world.