Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 05/13/2019
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Weekly Reads: 05/13/2019

Trade: Frustration, Miscalculation – Inside the U.S. China Negotiations – click here
The last week has seen a great deal of focus on the breakdown of the U.S. and China trade negotiations. As the WSJ lays out much of this is due to the cultural divide between the two parties.

Interest Rates: Market Pricing In Near Certain Rate Cut- click here
One of the drivers coming into the new year was that the Fed may cut rates yet again. With the recent weakness in the market, investors are now seemingly counting on that coming to fruition.

Bonds: The Quants Are Coming for Corporate Bonds – click here
Quantitative strategies, quants, have changed the way equity markets work. Up until now, the fixed income markets have not been impacted as drastically. That may finally be changing.

Technology: Biden Says He Would Be Open To Breaking Up Facebook – click here
In what is likely to be an ongoing debate during the election year Joe Biden opened up that he would be open to breaking up Facebook. While he is just one voice debate will likely rage around the issue going forward.

Fixed Income: Bond Traders Can’t Wait to Bet On Rate Cut – click here
In a follow up on the above article many traders are predicting a rate cut this year. In the world of fixed income this presents a potential opportunity to make money, something professional traders are seemingly jumping at.

Trade: Who Pays the Tariffs? – click here
For all the focus on trade negotiations and tariffs very little has been written about who actually pays the increase in price. This article looks at just who winds up paying these taxes.

Real Estate: The Internet Didn’t Get Rid of 6% Commissions, But this Lawsuit Might – click here
Zillow, Redfin and many other online real estate companies are trying to change the way homes are sold. Up until now, they have not impacted the standard commission. This article looks at how a recent lawsuit may do what technology hasn’t been able to do.

Boeing: Where Is Boeing Storing All Those Planes? – click here
One of the side effects of the grounding of the Boeing 737 Max is that the Chicago based company must find a place to store the completed ones. It appears that they are looking to Texas for space.