Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 5/20/2019
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Weekly Reads: 5/20/2019

Trade: Battle Poses Problems for Junk Loans – click here
One of the areas of the economy/market that has been propped up by low-interest rates is the loan market to poorly rated companies. This article looks at how the current trade disputes could shine a light on these issues.

Business: How Reckless Loans Destroyed A Generation of Taxi Drivers – click here
Loans and debt, in general, are a subject that we receive little formal education in. It should come as no surprise then that many have suffered because of this lack of understanding and others taking advantage of the situation.

Education: Affluent Students Get More Time on the SAT/ACT – click here
For better or worse the SAT/ACT has been a key item in college admissions over the past 20 years. This article by the WSJ examines how affluent students appear to be receiving more exceptions for extra time on these critical exams.

Technology: Wall Street Losing Patience with Tesla – click here
During Tesla’s time as a public company, the stock has moved in tandem with Elon Musk’s positivity and lofty expectations. Now after several years of failing to meet his own predictions, it appears Wall Street investors may be losing faith in the company.

Retail: Urban Outfitters to Begin Renting Clothes – click here
It is no secret that traditional brick and mortar retail is under pressure. This has caused companies to look for new ways to revitalize store traffic. Urban Outfitters is going the way of clothes rental.

Trade: Trump Held Off on Punishing Huawei Until Trade Talks Stalled – click here
It seems that the ongoing U.S. China trade negotiations are pulling more and more people/businesses into its orbit. The case of Chinese technology firm Huawei is an interesting case.