Weekly Reads: 6/3/2019
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Weekly Reads: 6/3/2019

Trade: Trade Losers Are Bond Market Winners – click here
There have been lots of losers in the trade battles. However, some investors have been clear winners, bond investors.

Marijuana: U.S. – Canada Battles Over Marijuana Talent – click here
When new business lines, products or ideas become reality there is naturally a battle over who will dominate these new industries. The key to winning is acquiring the best talent. This dog fight is occurring right now in the marijuana industry.

Politics: Democrats Have 23 Candidates But All Have Electibility Issues – click here
One of the major fears for democratic strategists is the deep pool of candidates running for the Presidential nomination all have issues being elected. Whether one will overcome this hurdle will be interesting to see.

Technology: Uber Says IRS Probing 2013-2014 Tax Return – click here
Now a public company Uber has tried to put some of the negative reputations it built as a private company behind them. However, it looks like some of the freewheeling that the company did is coming back to damage the company.

Technology: Competitors Prepare Complaints Against Google – click here
The dominance of large public technology companies has been well documented during the Democratic election progress. Now it looks like some in the government are turning their attention to further regulation of these companies.