Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 7/8/2019
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Weekly Reads: 7/8/2019

Investments: Long Run Impact of Uncertainty Shocks – click here
For anyone who has followed the markets for any period of time, they will know that uncertainty is the devil.  This article looks at the impacts of that uncertainty.  

Interest Rates: Missing Spending Stimulus Weighs on U.S. Growth – click here
Coming into 2019 most professional investors anticipated an uptick in spending by the U.S. government would boost growth.  For a variety of reasons, this hasn’t materialized.  

Social: Jeremey Epstein’s Confusing History – click here
Jeremey Epstein was recently arrested for apparently running a sex trafficking ring.  While his time in court will come one of the interesting features of the situations is the lack of information about his apparently significant wealth.  

Economy: Global Recession Risks Are Up – click here
Coming into 2019 most investors were hesitant about the global economy.  Now with trade negotiations picking up and some of these risks seemingly declining, we would caution investors from becoming overconfident. 

Environment: Energy Consumption Is Up, How Each Country Has Impacted the Increase – click here
The discussions around global warming all cite the increase in energy consumption as a primary driver.  This article looks at how each country has influenced the rise in consumption.

Business: Wall Street Unbound With Shackles Off – click here
A common theme over the past 10 years has been that banks are large and are working to opress Americans.  For years the regulators sought to keep mergers from happening.  Now under President Trump this has reversed and banks are pursuing deals at a rapid pace.  

Personal Finance: Midwest Couple Can’t Live on $500,000 a Year – click here
MarketWatch had an interesting article about a couple in the midwest who was struggling to live on $500,000 ay ear.  While the article may seem ridiculous (and it is) the reality is that most Americans are suffering from the same sort of issues as this couple.  Simple lifestyle choices.  

Boeing: 5 Things About the Scandal That Aren’t Being Reported – click here
Much has been publicized about the failings of Boeing with their new plane.  This author examines some of the unreported impacts that the planes failing will have on the company, economy and country.