Boltwood Capital Management | Weekly Reads: 7/29/2019
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Weekly Reads: 7/29/2019

Interest Rates: Fed Taking Biggest Gamble In Years? – click here
With the Fed’s decision to lower rates this week only time will tell whether their decision was a gamble or genius.  This article looks at the risk cases associated with the move.

Electric Cars: Porsche’s Tesla Destroyer Getting Close  – click here
Porsche electric Taycan is on pace to over the 911.  Will this new electric vehicle have the chops to take down Tesla?

Amazon: Amazon’s New Idea, Recycle the Old  – click here
Sometimes the greatest ideas are those that are old.  Amazon for all its technological strength is using that mindset to tackle issues that are old in concept.  

Interest Rates: Fed Disappoints With Neutral Not Dovish Forecast – click here
Investors had assumed that the Fed would match a rate cut with dovish commentary on the path forward.  When Fed Chair Powell spoke in more neutral terms the market was subprised and fell.

Technology: Facebooks Published Info on Brain Typing Project – click here
As artificial intelligence gains steam so do the imaginations of those working on the projects associated with it.  Facebook recently unveiled data about their brain typing program that is sure to creap some out.