Weekly Reads: 8/26/2019
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Weekly Reads: 8/26/2019

Investing: How To Prepare When The Worst is Possibleclick here
It is no secret that the market has been strong for some time.  Now with more and more fears around trade on the horizon Barrons looks at how to prepare for the worst.  

Investing: Fund Manager Says Keep Buying Stocks – click here
Investing can be a harrowing experience sometimes.  This investment manager who has a good run of success says despite all the uncertainties stocks still represent the best bet.

Technology: Elon Must Gambled on Tesla to Save SolarCity – click here
Elon Musk moves to his own beat.  This article looks at the inter-related businesses of Tesla and SolarCity and how, in the author’s opinion, he risked one to save the other.  

Investing: Inversion Touches Off Recession Fears – click here
One of the great predictors of past recessions has been the inversion of the yield curve.  Now with the curve inverted, albeit slightly, investors are worrying.  Is this time different?

Investing: Stocks Yielding More Than 30-Year Tresury for First Time Since 2009 – click here
One thing that investors assume is that yields on long-term bonds will exceed those on stocks.  Yet for the first time since 2009 this does not hold.  Will a major rally like that we have seen over the past 10 years occur?

Infrastructure: Google Dips Its Toe in Infrastructure – click here
A common feature of Google’s business is their pursuit of expansion.  Now they are getting involveded in infrastructure investing.