Weekly Reads: 9/2/2019
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Weekly Reads: 9/2/2019

Business: Manufacturing Shinks, 10-Year Yields Drop – click here 
Fears about recession are rising.  With news out that manufacturing in the US declined so did yields on treasuries as investors fled to safety.

Investing: Argentina a Vulture Funds Playground – click here 
For well over a decade Argentina has been a vulture fund’s playground with the prospect of major payoffs.  However, if history tells us things won’t work out successfully for many.

Energy: Coal Mine Closures Shake Wyoming – click here 
Despite President Trump’s promise to reopen coal mines the case of Wyoming is telling a different case.  Specifically, that coal is no longer the most desired form of fuel.

Health: Cancer Now the Largest Killer In Rich Countries – click here 
Despite years of research and science the spread of cancer has recently become the largest killer of residents in developed countries.  

Technology: How Apple Uses the App Store to Copy Best Ideas – click here 
The saying goes, “Immitation is the highest form of a compliment.”  It appears that Apple has used the information gained in the app store to identify areas for them to copy great ideas.