Weekly Reads: 9/16/2019
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Weekly Reads: 9/16/2019

Investing: Value Beats Growth, How Long Will It Last? – click here 
Value investors have been quite literally been left in the dust during this current market expansion.  However, recently there seemed to be a shift.  Are things changing for good?

Investing: Banks Warming to Mortgage Bonds – click here 
Mortgage bonds are a four letter word for many.  However, after years of strong economic growth, a healthier consumer and a desire for yield some banks are putting their toe back into the water with these products.  

Politics: Trump Has Few Options to Respond to Attack on Saudi Oil – click here 
The recent missile attack on the Saudi Arabia oil infrastructure poses a major political and economic risk for the globe.  Yet, because of prior decisions and the delicate relationship with Iran, the likely culprit, President Trump is left with few options.  

Investing: WeWork Delays IPO – click here 
According to reports the shared office space company is delaying their long anticipated IPO.  This comes after months of scrutiny over the actions of its founder and several concerning reports about the business and its culture.  

Index Funds: A Vegan ETF, Its Holdings May Suprise You – click here 
The rise of veganism seems to have been fast.   In an effort to capitalize on this trend a new ETF has been launched to track the companies most involved, however the names included may be a suprise to many.

Business: A Look Inside WeWork – click here 
The WSJ published this inside look at WeWork and its charasmatic yet controversial founder.  While the transition from a private company to a public one can be bumpy the events in this case seem very similar to that of Uber.