Weekly Reads: 9/23/2019
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Weekly Reads: 9/23/2019

Energy: The Market Has Spoken Coal Is Dying – click here 
Despite what President Trump may say coal is no longer an efficient means of energy production in the developed world.  This article looks at the reason the fuel stock is dying and not likely to have a rebirth.

Enviornment: Muni Bonds Face Climate Risk – click here 
The reality of climate change has been presenting itself in a variety of places for years.  However, one area that people have not considered is the impact that climate change may have on muni bond investors.  

Technology: SpaceX Using Tesla Batteries on Their Space Craft – click here 
The melding of two innovative yet hectic companies should not come as a suprise.  However, it is always interesting to see how new technologies are used.  

Politics: Trump to Release Transcript of Ukraine Phone Call – click here 
The phone conversation that pushed Nancy Pelosi to call for impeachement has been all over the news wires this week.  It appears Trump is willing to release the transcript of his conversation with his Ukranian counterpart.  

Business: McDonald’s Enlists Alexa and Google to Help With Hiring – click here 
For as successful of a company as McDonald’s has been it isn’t known for its technological innovation.  However, when “old fashioned” companies look to embrace new technology the marriage, or success of, is always fun to watch play out.  

Markets: Bankers Suggest Cutting WeWork Workforce By One Third  – click here 
Much like the IPO of Uber was clouded by its founder so has WeWork’s potential IPO.  In this article the author looks at how bankers are now suggesting the company cut one third of its workforce to better align its costs with the size of the business.