Weekly Reads: 9/30/2019
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Weekly Reads: 9/30/2019

Investing: Fewer Stocks Participating in the Rally – click here 
One of the key items that investors look at when determining the health of a market rally is how many stocks are participating.  In the most recent rally it appears that fewer and fewer stocks are benefitting.

Interest Rates: Negative Rates Influencing Rules of Modern Finance – click here 
There is no question that negative interest rates are a new issue for investors to deal with.  However, because this new type of policy has lasted for so long it is now rewriting modern finance.  

Economy: U.S. Manufacturing Survey Dips Lower – click here 
Markets started the week off weak as U.S. manufacturing survey’s in the U.S. showed that factories are slowing production.  While the future is unknown when data such as this comes forward people pay attention.

Technology: Facebook Would Sue Government if Warren Elected – click here 
Recent leaked comments by founder Mark Zuckerberg suggests that the company would likely sue the government if Elizabeth Warren is elected.  His comments seemingly were focused around fighting to keep the company from being broken up.

Investing: When Does Malfeasance Become Fraud? – click here 
One thing about the potential WeWork IPO is that is readily apparent is that the company had many secrets behind its doors.  This researcher looked at the issues surrounding the company and tries to make sense of malfeasance vs. fraud.

Economy: What Happened to 4%, 5%, 6% Growth Trump Promised? – click here 
President Trump campaigned on the idea that he could boost the growth of the economy by a significant amount.  Up until this point that hasn’t happened.  So what gives?