Weekly Reads: 10/7/2019
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Weekly Reads: 10/7/2019

Investing: Investors Caught In a Tug Of War – click here 
Analogies are often useful for making sense of complex items.  This article looks at how the push-pull relationship between China and the U.S. is moving investors all over the place.  

Economy: Labor Department News No One Wants to Talk About – click here 
A great deal of attention has been heaped on wage growth during the current market recovery.  This article by the Atlantic looks at how there are some underlying numbers/trends that both sides of the aisle would rather avoid discussing.  

Business: GE Freezes Pension – click here 
Pensions and the defined benefit plan that was the common form of retirement for generations is all but dead.  One of the last corporate hold outs recently ended their program as well! 

Business: CEO Worker Pay Gap Doesn’t Need to Make 1,000x the Pay of Workers – click here 
Income gaps between high-level executives and the standard employee have gotten increasingly out of line in the U.S.  Those in this article believe that there is no reason for a CEO to make 1,000x a company’s average employee wage.

Debt Crisis: Media Debt Levels Were Getting Out of Control – click here 
Debt for the average American has increased exponentially over the years. While the financial crisis right sided, albeit painfully, many household debt levels there are certain industries that failed to learn.