Weekly Reads: 10/14/2019
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Weekly Reads: 10/14/2019

Investing: When EBITDA is Just BS – click here 
There are countless accounting and valuation metrics that investors swear by.  This article looks at one of the most common EBITDA and some of its limitations.  

Investing:  Yield Curve Positive Again, Time to Rejoice? – click here 
One of the most common recession predictors the inversion of the yield curve has turned positive.  While this is commonly viewed as a good thing, is that assumption indeed correct?

Technology: Beware AI Knows How to Write False News – click here 
Whether it be because of Russians, Chinese or politically motivated people the internet is full of “fake news.”  Now AI appears to be yet another producer of misleading information on the internet.  

Markets: The End of an Investment Era – click here 
Trading rooms on Wall Street are often viewed as a busy place with hundreds of people on the phone.  Now with technology the image of the trading floor is drastically changed and so has the profession.

Energy: Tesla Power Cells a Nightmare for Owners? – click here 
One thing that has become common with regards to Tesla is the start and stop nature of the business.  For those early adopters of Tesla’s residential battery packs the price of a new technology is a headache.  

Politics: Biden vs. Warren, More Than Just a Policy Difference – click here 
The two leading democratic candidates are showing that the differences between the two are much broader than simply policy ideas.  Rather they represent stark philosophical differences for the future of the Democratic party.

Lifestyle: The Milennial Lifestyle Is About to Get Expensive – click here 
For the last several years a wave of consumer tech companies have allowed milennials to live a carefree urban lifestyle.  As these companies show their inability to make money will the lifestyle that these individuals enjoy become more expensive?

Enviornment: California Launches Earthquake Early Warning – click here 
With the increase in natural disasters nationally there has been increased attention on early warning systems.  With the case of earthquakes that is an especially difficult thing to do.  However, California has implented a new system designed to give residents an early warning.