Weekly Reads: 10/28/2019
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Weekly Reads: 10/28/2019

Investing: Why Would The Fed Cut Rates Again With Markets At Highs – click here 
The path of interest rates has been one of the driving factors in the market over the past decade.  This article looks at why the Fed may elect to cut rates again this year despite stocks resting at all-time highs.  

Business: In Senate Hearing Boeing Admits Saftey Assesments Fell Short – click here 
Markets have been clamoring for Boeing executives to speak regarding how they handled the 737 Max tragedies.  In the recent senate hearing the head executives admited that they fell short in their saftey assesments of the plane.

Startups: Beyond Meat Shares Fall – click here 
One of the most high profile IPOs in 2019 was Beyond Meat.  In their first earnings annoucement they posted strong profits yet the stock fell sharply.  So what gives?

Trade: World’s Most Valuable Startup Scrambles to Avoid Trump’s Blacklist – click here 
Artificial Intelligence is one of the business areas that the Chinese government wants to be a leader in.  As a result it is no suprise that the world’s most valuable startup is a Chinese AI firm.  Additionally, it is no suprise that they are squarely in the crosshairs of Trump’s blacklist program.

Business: Economic Incentives Don’t Always Do What We Want Them to Do – click here 
One of the key ways that governments encourage certain business activity is to provide incentives.  This article by the NYT looks at the impact of these policies and whether or not they accomplish the goal they set out to achieve.  

Interest Rates: The US Treasury Considering a 50 Year Bond – click here 
In an era of low interest rates there has been a great deal of speculation that the US treasury would take advantage of the enviornment and issue long-term bonds.  In a continuation of this thought it appears the treasury is debating the merits of a 50 year term bond.  

Gig Economy: California Law Destroys Gig Economy? – click here 
A new ruling in California regarding the “ABC Test” for gig workers has the potential to be felt across the state and country.  Forbes looks at the ruling and how the test may destroy the “gig economy.”