Weekly Reads: 11/4/2019
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Weekly Reads: 11/4/2019

Real Estate: Risky Mortgages Are Back and Late Payments Are Up – click here 
One of the ramifications of the financial crisis is the fear that bads mortgages will cause another collapse.  If this article is to believe bad loans are beginning to pile up.

News: Salt Lake City Tribune Converts to a Non Profit – click here 
It is no secret that traditional news papers are struggling in a digital world.  In a historic move the Salt Lake City Tribune has converted to a non-profit to help stave off their demise.  Will this change foreshadow changes for other papers?

Stocks: Uber Lockup Expires, Shares Underwater – click here 
One of the concerns when buying into new IPOs is the impact of share lockup expirations.  In these events shares enter the market and traditionally push down share values.  However, Uber’s are underwater so it may not matter quite as much.

Tech: Chip Makers Push to the Extreme – click here 
Chip makers are increasingly critical in today’s world.  Their businesses are great examples of where the technological developments will come from next.  Today they are investing at extreme rates to meet future demand an changes in technology.

Politics: Trump Can’t Stop Suburban Slide? – click here 
One of the reasons Trump was elected was the outpouring of support in suburban markets.  Flash forward to today and that strength doesn’t seem to exist anymore.