Weekly Reads: 11/11/2019
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Weekly Reads: 11/11/2019

Real Estate: Californians Are Leaving the State, Where Are They Going? – click here 
There is little doubt that California is an expensive state to live in.  Because of that all of us know people who have left the state.   While this less is known about where everyone is actually moving to.

Personal Finance: Auto Loans Becoming an Issue for Many Americans – click here 
Auto sales are up over the past 10 years.  However, behind the ramp in sales is the underlying truth that many consumers are buying cars that simply can’t afford them, without using debt that is.  

Investing: Buying Stocks At All Time Highs, Works Until it Doesn’t – click here 
Stocks have continued to march higher and like the past several years puts investors in a difficult situation. deciding whether to buy in at highs or wait things out.  For those who have gotten in things have worked out, but that doesn’t mean the future will be the same.  

Real Estate: How People Cope in the Bay Area – click here 
It is no secret that the cost of living in the Bay Area has gotten out of hand, or has it always been this way?  KQED asked locals how they cope and many of the answers are startling.  

Technology: Blockchain Is Debt? – click here 
With all the attention that Cryptocurrency has recieved less has been directed at blockchain technology.  However, this technology was long believed by those in the know to be more important.  Is it still that important today? 

Retirement: Why Retirement As We Know It Is Dead – click here 
A great deal has changed in the last 30 years with respect to retirement.  The conversion of pensions to 401(k)s is the most noitceable.  Yet, other changes will dramatically change what retirement looks like for younger Americans.

Interest Rates: Trump Pines For Lower Interest Rates – click here 
President Trump has long been pressuring the Fed to enact more accomodative monetary policy.  In his recent comments he clearly still is hoping for negative rates like those currently in place in Europe.

Business: Tesla Gigafactory’s New Problems – click here 
Despite all of Tesla’s successes over the past several years, there have been numerous failures.  In yet another example of this the gigafactory, which the company has made a major bet on, is adding to the company’s headaches.