Weekly Reads: 11/18/2019
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Weekly Reads: 11/18/2019

Investing: Pot Stocks Have Gone Bust, Here’s Why – click here 
Just a short time ago there was a flurry of activity around pot stocks and the legalization of marijuana.  Fast forward to today and many believe the drug will become legal, however the stocks of companies in the industry have cratered,  Why?

Politics: Trump Threatens Additional Tariffs – click here 
The ongoing battle between Trump and China appears to be continuing unabated.  President Trump recently announced he would not rule out additional tariffs if the Chinese do not agree to a trade deal.

Debt: Why Agentina Remains in a Debt Problem – click here 
Much like the citizens of the United States, the country of Argentina has consistently found ways to stay in debt.  This article looks at why the country seemingly is always in a crisis.  

Politics: Why Warren Doesn’t Need to Win to Wreck the Stock Market – click here 
Elizabeth Warren is one of the leading Democratic candidates.  Yet while her star may be fading, for now, at least one large investment institution believes she will have an impact regardless of whether she is elected or not.

Investing: Hedge Funds Aren’t Profiting From Trump Tweets As Much – click here 
Hedge funds are outstanding at taking advantage of events, one of the most profitable “events” in the past several years has been tweets by President Trump.  However, after years of profit from these events they aren’t quite as successful anymore.