Weekly Reads: 12/2/2019
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Weekly Reads: 12/2/2019

Economy: Manufacturing Survey’s Show Contraction – click here 
Survey’s have long been a critical way that investors gain information regarding the health of parts of the economy.  The recent ISM manufacturing survey confirms what many have suspected, that America’s factories continue to contract.

Trade: Trump Warns That Trade Negotiations Could Last Into 2020 – click here 
One of the driving forces behind the recent market rally has been the anticipation that the trade war may come to an end.  Yet with one comment by President Trump the market’s sentiment can change.

Technology: Amazon Turns to Cloud Hardware to Keep Pace With Rivals – click here 
It is no secret that Amazon has been one of the leading cloud computing countries.  However, while they have transformed the way many of us interact with computers one area they have stayed away from is the manufacturing of hardware.  Until now.