Weekly Reads: 12/9/2019
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Weekly Reads: 12/9/2019

Currency: Welcome to the Digital-Money Wars – click here 
It is no secret that what “money” looks like is changing.  In a world where currencies are more 1s and 0s than paper there is likely to be plenty of room for conflict and competition.  

Employment: Inside the Jobs Numbers – click here 
Unemployment has trickled down for the last several years.  However, looking at the underlying unemployment rate is only half the story.  This article looks at the trends underlying hirings and firings in the U.S.

Real Estate: Where Will Your Income Allow You to Live in the Bay Area – click here 
There have been countless stories about the expense of living in the Bay Area.  However, few help visualize the relationship between your income and where you can live.  This map attempts to do that.  

Tesla: Cybertruck Details That Are Strange – click here 
When Tesla unveilved the cybertruck the market met its introduction with intrigue and confusion.  Not only does the truck look like nothing else on the market but it has some impractical flaws that jump out.

Investing: BlackRock Says Days of Extraordinary Market Returns Are Over – click here 
It is no secret that the market has been on a pretty awesome stretch over the past few years.  Yet, investing powerhouse BlackRock is throwing some water on the fire with their new report that they do not anticipate extraordinary returns to persist.  

Science: Silicon Valley’s Psychedelic Wonder Drug Is Almost Here – click here 
Silicon Valley is no stranger to innovation.  They have now turned their attention to drugs.  Specifically, trying to use psychedelic drugs for good without any of the downsides.