Weekly Reads: 12/16/2019
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Weekly Reads: 12/16/2019

Real Estate: Home Builder Confidence Jumps To Highest Level in Years – click here 
There is no denying that home building and remodeling is big business.  The trickle down impact on the economy is immense.  As a result it is good news when the builders are showing strong confidence.  

Politics: What the Bernie Presidency Would Look Like – click here 
For all the attention the election has gotten most of it is sensationalized.  This article by Politico looks at what a Bernie presidency may really look like.   

Economy: 737 Max Delays Cut 0.5% Off GDP – click here 
The issues Boeing has had with the 737 Max have been well documented.  While most Americans are only worrying about staying off the plane few realize the profound econmic impact these production delays have for the country as a whole.

Technology: Google’s Answer to iMessage – click here 
For years one of the key components of iPhones is the use of iMessage and the avoidance of fees.  Now, years later, Google seems poised to eliminate that advantage.

Investing: Wall Street Prepared For a Melt Up – click here 
The standard investor is wondering where the market can go from here after a year of impressive growth.  If Wall Street analysts are to believed things should keep trickling up from here.