Weekly Reads: 12/30/2019
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Weekly Reads: 12/30/2019

Employment: Workers Training Their Replacements – click here 
It is no secret that more and more jobs have been heading overseas over the past decade.  As a kick on the way out many US companies are requiring their domestic employees to train their foreign replacements! 

Taxes: When Aloha Means Goodbye – click here 
The Southeast and Southwest have been gaining popluation at a rapid pace.  Most of this is driven by the exodus from high tax states an issue that Hawaii is now facing. 

Trade: Trump Says He Will Sign Phase One – click here 
The details of the “Phase 1” deal have been few and far between.  Recently President Trump announced he would sign this agreement on January 15th.  Maybe the signing will provide some clarity on the compromises both sides have made.  

Technology: Is Facebook This Generations Cigarettes? – click here 
It is uncommon for major CEOs to speak out against other companies in their industry.  Recently the CEO of Salesforce compared Facebook to cigarettes and the immense health problem it presents in the form of privacy.