Weekly Reads: 01/06/2020
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Weekly Reads: 01/06/2020

Technology: Amazon Has Long Ruled The Cloud, Now There Is Competition – click here 
For all the press Amazon gets for overthrowing the way consumers shop the real power rests in their control over the cloud.  After years of being ahead of others there are companies ready to fight. 

Investing: Opening the Door to Unicorns Creates Risk – click here 
FINRA recently announced that they are likely to ease access for the average investor to invest in startups.  This recent change, while exciting, has the potential to be destructive for many smaller investors.

Technology: Amazon, Intel and Ford Harvest Your Data While You Drive – click here 
Many Americans are aware that Facebook and other technology companies use your data to earn a profit.  However, many fail to realize that other institutions, and not just technology companies, are harvesting your data.  

Agriculture: Tech Weary Farmers Desire 40 Year Old Tractors – click here 
There is no question that the rate of technological change is rapid.  In the midwest some farmers are so frustrated that they are looking for a new type of gold, old tractors.   

Business: Less Help, More Pay for Some Workers – click here 
Large companies have increasingly expanded the resources/benefits avaliable to their employees.  However, for some the additional perks are meaningless and would prefer funds be given directly.