Weekly Reads: 01/13/2020
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Weekly Reads: 01/13/2020

Trade: Tariffs Now A Roach Motel – click here 
The Phase 1 deal between the U.S. and China has gotten lots of press.  However, now with a deal in place many are viewing the tariffs with disdain.

Technology: Amazon Now Pursuing Publishing – click here 
Amazon is nothing if not a disrupter.  In their newest endeavour they are actively infringing on the typical book publishers, and they are worried.

Work: How Slack Ruined Work – click here 
The technology company Slack has transformed how co-workers interact and handle projects.  But for many the new technology is ruining the workday.

Business: How Nissan’s Ghosen Escaped Japan – click here 
In what could be refered to as the “Japan Job” the former executive of Nissan fled the country to avoid prosecution.  While not unusual in itself the story of how he escaped is out of a movie.

Technology: The display of the Future, Your Contacts – click here 
High tech glasses that combine optics with computing power has been attempted by Google.  The new idea is to use your contact lenses as your “screen.”