Weekly Reads: 1/20/20
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Weekly Reads: 1/20/20

Investing: Dailo Says Cash is Trash – click here 
One of the more successful, yet controversial, investors in the last several decades is Ray Dalio.  He recently announced that he believes “cash is trash” and that investors need to look globally for options.

Technology: Impossible Burger No More? – click here 
The rise of plant based diets has created interest in the impossible burger.  What started as a fast growing product is no longer and Burger King has removed it from their menu.

Trade: Trade War on Pause, But How Realistic is a Phase 2? – click here 
A great deal has been made about the Phase One agreement between China and the U.S..  However, for many the real interest lies in whether or not a phase 2 deal is even realistic.

Investing: Will Baby Boomers Crash the Stock Market? – click here 
As investors the impact of demographic changes are often over looked.  In this article Ben Carlson looks at the potential impact the wave of baby boomers retiring may have on the stock market.