Weekly Reads: 1/27/2020
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Weekly Reads: 1/27/2020

Gambling: Sports Betting A Big Opportunity – click here 
Online gambling is set to become a big business as more and more states approve it.  This article by Barron’s looks at the opportunities for investors and which companies may be worth a bet.

Credit Scores: New Scoring System Will Have an Impact – click here 
FICO recently changed how they are calculating Americans credit scores.  The new information they disclosed shows an increasing focus on consumer debt and especially those that most Americans carry.  

US Budget: Deficit Likely to Exceed $1T in 2020 – click here 
It is no secret that the U.S. as a whole relies on debt to fuel our economy, the Federal government is no different.  This year the deficit is likely to exceed $1T and some investors are becoming concerned.  

Technology: Facebook Now Going to Tell You What You Are Doing Off the App – click here 
Concerns around privacy are on the rise.  Facebook recently announced that they are going to show users what type of data the company tracks when users are off the app.  This article shines some light on the new policy.

Trade: USMCA Now Signed, What Does It Mean? – click here 
Despite all the attention that the U.S vs. China trade negotiations have recieved the new NAFTA, or USMCA, is equally important.  This article by the NYT examines the componets of the deal and what to expect.