Weekly Reads: 2/3/2020
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Weekly Reads: 2/3/2020

Technology: How Many People Are Really Watching the Mandalorian? – click here 
The launch of disney+ was met with excitment by many consumers.  With Disney’s recent earnings announcement we now have an idea of just how many people have signed on!

Economics: Hong Kong Suffers First Recession in a Decade – click here 
The protests and clashes in Hong Kong have been well publicized.  While a great deal of attention has been placed on the political enviornment between Hong Kong and China this new data shows just how impactful the situation has been on the economy.

Food: Argentinians Turning Away From Beef – click here 
Argentina has long been known as the meat eating capital of the world.  However, as the world becomes more health aware it seems even some people in this South American country are eating less meat.

Enviornment: Wind Turbines Are Building Up in Landfills – click here 
Clean energy is a growing area of focus for many communities around the world.  However, like many new technologies there is a consquence.  In this case it is the collection of turbine blades that are building up in landfills.

Technology: Netflix Spends Big for Oscars – click here 
There is no question that netflix has transformed the modern tv world.  However, now they are shooting for bigger awards by spending to win at the Oscars to validate their movie business.

Internet: Spotify Going All In on Podcasts – click here 
Spotify, the largest music streaming company in the world, is going even further in on podcasts.  They announced they are buying Bill Simmons ringer to expand their sports programming.  

Health Care: Health Care VCs Are Not Planning for Bernie – click here 
With all the attention that Bernie Sandersd has recieved you would think that more investors would be planning on his potential presidency.  The reality is that many VCs seem unprepared.