Weekly Reads: 2/10/2020
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Weekly Reads: 2/10/2020

Interest Rates: Inversion Less About US, More About the World – click here 
One of the most important concepts to understand about the level of interest rates is how the global enviornment influences rates.  This article highlights how the foreign markets are largely responsible for being at or near an inverted yield curve.

Investing: Mormon Church Amassed $100 B Without Investors Knowing – click here 
For those of who don’t live in Utah the Mormon Church can be something of a mystery.  Apparnetly that is true for the investing community as well! 

CoronaVirus: Pangolins Suspected of Starting Scare – click here 
The Pangolins a small animal that is one of the most widely trafficked animals in the world is suspected of being the source of the virus.  Somewhat ironic of a starting point.

Technology: Boston Robotics Robot Monitors Oil Rig – click here 
The Boston based company has been at the leading edge of modern robotics for several years.  Now one of their robots is actively partroling an oil rig.  Perhaps representing a new phase for the role robotos play in “real life.”

China: Mastercard Gains Access to the Chinese Market – click here 
One of the great holy grails for financial companies was the ability to remove the barriers to the Chinese marketplace.  It seems with Mastercard’s entry that perhaps that is starting.

Technology: Meet the Man Who Holds Big Tech in His Hands – click here 
News has come out recently that the Trump administration is going to be actively investigating big tech and its anti-competitive policies.  If the government is able to stop some of these deals the man who will make it happen is Makan Delrahim.