Weekly Reads: 2/24/2020
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Weekly Reads: 2/24/2020

Economy: CoronaVirus Fears Cause Selloff – click here 
For weeks now investors have known about the corona virus.  Yet after reports of the disease spreading to Europe and other places around the world investors responded by selling equities.  Only time will tell whether this is the right move or not.


Economy: The Selloff, Why Now? – click here 
It is a reasonable question to wonder why markets and investors retreated from more or less ignorning the Corona Virus to responding.  This article looks at some of the reasons for why earlier this week was the tipping point.  


Investing: 5 Companies Make up 17% of S&P 500, Should You Be Worried – click here 
One of the core tenants of modern portfolio theory is the need for diversification across all of your investments.  Unfortunately, the strong run in a handfull of companies have caused the S&P to be concentrated in a handfull of stocks.  


Internet: Pope to Catholics, Give Up Trolling for Lent – click here 
For all the good that the internet and chat rooms have done they have created a major negative, trolling.  Given the rise in its prevalnce it is interesting to see the Pope of the Catholic Church come out and encourage people to give up the practice for lent.  


Technology: Driver in Self-Driving Tesla Accident Playing Computer Game – click here 
Several years ago an Apple engineer was killed while on the highway in his Tesla which was in self-driving mode.  What the NTSB has found was that he ways playing a video game at the time.  It seems that for many the label that Tesla puts on the autonomous driving mode is misleading drivers into thinking that they don’t have to pay attention.


Investing: Don’t Blame the Quants, Blame the Humans – click here 
Media has focused on the CoronaVirus and the impact of quant funds on the drop in equities earlier this week.  This article reverses that belief and makes the case that humans are to blame afterall.