Weekly Reads: 3/2/2020
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Weekly Reads: 3/2/2020

Investing: CoronaVirus Market Drop Does Little For Those Without Wealth to Invest – click here 
Market drops historiclaly provide investors with a great opportunity to put new funds to work.  However, for most of America these opportunities are meaningless because they lack the funds to invest.  


Investing: Dow Plunges Despite Fed Rate Cut – click here 
The Fed enacted a 50 bps emergency rate cut earlier this week.  Despite this preemptive move markets were not encouraged and dropped post announcement.  This article looks at why this reaction occured.  


Politics: Stunning Night for Joe Biden – click here 
In what many thought would be a reshaping of the Democratic party, Super Tuesday turned out to be a reaffirmation of the old guard.  On the back of opponents dropping out in favor of supporting Mr. Biden the former Vice President shocked pundits to claim a great deal of states.  


Economy: Forcing Capital Gains Tax Won’t Solve the Problem – click here 
One of the primary ways both parties have suggested raising additional funds is to make sure that capital gains are not avoided entirely.  While this is a convienent way for funds to be raised in concept, this author looks at why the plan may not be as fruitfull as many think.