Weekly Reads: 3/9/2020
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Weekly Reads: 3/9/2020

Work: How to Work From Home Without Going Crazy – click here 
With more and more businesses in the U.S. being impacted by the CoronaVirus more businesses are allowing/requiring  employees to work from home.  This article by Wired looks at how to successfully manage this new found situation.


Business: Companies That Got Out of China, Still Impacted by Virus – click here 
When the CoronaVirus was just in its infancy many companies took steps to adapt and get out of China.  Even with taking these steps many global companies are still snarled in the virus’ impacts.  


Health: Suicide Is Up in America’s Farmbelt – click here 
The disagreements between China and the U.S. government over trade policy has been well documented.  However, the social impact of these disagreements are manifesting themselves in a tragic way in middle America.  


Tax: Trump Wants Payroll Tax Cut Through Election – click here 
In the face of one of the worst days in the market’s recent history, March 9th, the President proposed a major tax incentive to help spur growth.  He has asked that the payroll tax be waived through the election.  In a divided government this is unliekly to come to fruition in our mind.


Investing: Treasuries and Junk Bonds Reverse Course – click here 
Junk debt was hit hard on Monday with one of its worst days ever.  As a result it should come as no suprise that investment grade debt performed well.  However, what is interesting is that in the day that followed the performance directions switched!  Time will tell which side of the trade is “correct.”